Standing water ongoing issue for Sissonville man

Standing water ongoing issue for Sissonville man
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 11:32 PM EDT
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SISSONVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - For weeks, a man in Sissonville has been reaching out to West Virginia American Water, asking them to fix a leak near his home.

Richard Johnson first noticed something was wrong around Memorial Day.

“I had water standing there and I couldn’t figure it out ... no rain or nothing,” Johnson said. “I couldn’t figure out why there’s water standing around my bush.”

Shortly after, he said he contacted West Virginia American Water to let them know about the problem.

He said crews came out twice and spray-painted part of the pavement but didn’t fix anything.

Since then, he said he’s called repeatedly and didn’t hear anything for weeks despite the area getting worse.

“Well, my yard is saturated and you can’t run a mower up,” Johnson said. “Just going out of my way for them to ignore what they should be doing.”

Looking at only the water on the side of the road, it doesn’t look that bad. However, when you start walking through Johnson’s lawn, it’s completely waterlogged.

It wasn’t until after we reached out Tuesday to West Virginia American Water that Johnson finally heard back.

“We have a crew for a scheduled repair there tomorrow morning,” a voicemail recording said. “They said it wasn’t that bad, about five gallons a minute. A small leak in the blacktop.”

Despite the assurance that crews will come Wednesday, Johnson isn’t convinced they’ll show up.

“They called before on a Thursday saying they’d be out here and didn’t show up,” Johnson said. “I wouldn’t bet money that they’ll be there in the morning. If they are it’ll just be because y’all call them is the only reason.”

When texting back and forth with the spokesperson for West Virginia American Water, they said:

“Our records indicate that the customer reached out to us on 6/16 and indicated this was a small leak in the blacktop in front of his home.”

Johnson said this is wrong as crews have already been to his home.

“It sounds to me like there is no communication with the water company or either they’re lying about it because I know when I called,” he said.

West Virginia American Water also told us they’ve been working on several emergency orders in Sissonville during the last two weeks, forcing all non-emergency orders to be delayed.

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